Tuesday, August 11, 2009

ITBS (no it isn't irritable bowel syndrome)

Oh what a little injury can do!

I don't want to take a little time off but this nasty little knee pain is back and I hear Dr. Tong whispering in my ear "14 miles is too far, you walk 2". Looking up the symptoms I think I have a case of Iliotibial Band Syndrome or Runner's knee. Now I KNOW some of you jocks out there have had it too. It is sort of amazing to me that I am asking about a sports injury, but let's get this straight. I AM going to walk in this 3 day, so please help me do it with as little pain as possible!

If you know of anything I should be doing while walking that will help, LET ME KNOW!

If you know of anything to do before I walk LET ME KNOW!

If you know of anything I should do after the walk LET ME KNOW!

Just so you know I am not totally without my sports smarts.... I know I should stretch, but WHICH stretches work best for this particular issue.

The good news is, I know the last time I had this rear its ugly head... I got better. I went to Dr. Tong, got a massage and stretched a good deal. Then I walked shorter distances until I ultimately did that 20 miler. Please remember, I need to do that for 3 days in a row, so.... your help and guidance is appreciated. This event is Oct 2!

In the meantime, the I will use the opportunity to chat with you about some related, but not necessarily walking topics. I have a couple I have been thinking about so, you will have to humor me. Send me your cures of my knee. I will blog you a couple of good entries in the next couple of days.